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First, I’d like to thank everyone for your support through all these years and during the tough times in the music industry. Since Tower Records has now filed bankruptcy, I wanted to let you know that the Solar Wind CDs are available through this web site and CD Baby, www.cdbaby.com.

Work on the 3rd CD has begun. I’ve completed about six compositions thus far and should have the remaining material finished very soon. The direction of this next project is slightly different with it being a bit more on the Fusion-y side. I really want to put an album out with music that’s just flat-out fun to play. I’m excited about getting back into the studio and seeing what develops. Many times, things turn out much differently than anticipated, which is all part of the process, and part of the fun of it.

The Tower Records situation has thrown my distributor for a loop and I’m not sure how this will affect the release of the new album once finished, but it will certainly be available here and on CD Baby regardless.

As things progress with the new album, I’ll post updates on the website and on my MySpace Music page at www.myspace.com/solarwindseanmason, such as musician’s appearances and track sound samples that I’ll make available.

As you can see, I’ve had the website re-done. It’s been too long. My wife actually designed it. Let me know what you think. Please keep checking the website and my MySpace Music page for more updates.

Thanks very much, and stay tuned.

Warm regards.

    phone: 626.329.2557   email: solarwindjazz@gmail.com